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    Where can I find the best rates for Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Our best rates and promotions are available on the Fraser Suites Muscat offers page, or contact our reservations department via email:

    What are the services and facilities offered at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Fraser Suites Muscat offers a full range of facilities and services within the property. For a comprehensive list of our facilities, please click here

    Are there fitness facilities provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    24/7 Fully-equipped Fitness Room is provided for Fraser Suites Muscat guests. 

    Is internet access provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access is available throughout Fraser Suites Muscat.

    What is the check-in time at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    The check-in time at Fraser Suites Muscat is from 2pm.

    What is the check-out time at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    The check-out time is 11am at Fraser Suites Muscat. Should you like to request for a late check out, please contact a member of the Reservations Team who will be happy to assist. 

    What time is breakfast served at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    The breakfast times at Fraser Suites Muscat are:

    Sunday – Thursday: 06:30 – 10:30
    Friday – Saturdays (and Public Holidays): 07:00 – 11:00

    What are the available dining options at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Fraser Suites Muscat offers all-day dining at a relaxed restaurant with views over the city. Both traditional and international cuisine is served daily. Room service is also available.

    Are laundry services provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Yes, laundry services are available at Fraser Suites Muscat for a cost. 

    What are the type of beds provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    We have rooms with Queen, Twin and King-size beds at Fraser Suites Muscat.

    Are baby cots and extra beds available at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Complimentary baby cots are available at Fraser Suites Muscat upon request.
    Extra beds are available subject to a charge of 15 OMR/day. 1 Extra bed per room subject to availability.

    Are newspapers provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Complimentary national newspapers are available at Fraser Suites Muscat upon request.

    Are the residences at Fraser Suites Muscat disabled-friendly?

    Yes, three apartments at Fraser Suites Muscat have been specifically designed for people in wheelchairs, with ample room for wheelchair access. We also have well-trained staff who will be delighted to assist and facilitate access for our guests, as required.

    Is on-site parking available at Fraser Suites Muscat and what is the cost?

    There are ample spaces at Fraser Suites Muscat and parking is free of charge.

    Is an airport shuttle service provided at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    A shuttle service to the airport is available at Fraser Suites Muscat for a cost. We are also able to arrange a Limousine or Taxi service upon request.

    What are the reception operating hours at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    The reception, concierge and security services are 24/7 at Fraser Suites Muscat.

    Is it possible to store my luggage at Fraser Suites Muscat before check-in?

    Yes, you may leave your luggage at Fraser Suites Muscat with our concierge.

    How do I get to Fraser Suites Muscat?

    From Muscat International Airport, the journey by car or taxi will only take 10 to 15 minutes. 

    Are there any recommended attractions near Fraser Suites Muscat?

    There is so much to see and do in Muscat, with many different and unique experiences available near Fraser Suites Muscat. Check out our Attractions page or ask our Client Relations Executives for recommendations.

    Where is the closest bank, ATM and exchange office to Fraser Suites Muscat located?

     Several banks and ATM are located just a 5-minute drive away.

    What is the cancellation policy for Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Varying cancellation policies apply to each Fraser Suites Muscat promotion. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

    What is the maximum number of guests allowed in each Fraser Suites Muscat residence type?

    Our apartments at Fraser Suites Muscat can accommodate up to 6 guests depending on the apartment category. There is a maximum number of guests per apartment allowed by Health and Safety regulations. 

    What is the smoking policy at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    We have a dedicated floor at Fraser Suites Muscat for smokers.

    Are pets allowed at Fraser Suites Muscat?

    Yes, pets are allowed on request at Fraser Suites Muscat. For more details, please feel free to contact us at  or  +968 22 008 800 .