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    Location of Fraser Suites Serviced Apartments in Muscat

    Serviced Apartment in Muscat

    Regarded as one of the most important cities in the Old Orient, Muscat is the capital of Oman. Rich in culture and heritage, it is located in the north-eastern region of the country and has one of the largest harbours in the world, right on the Gulf of Oman.

    Today, more than 800,000 people have made the Greater Muscat Area - including neighbouring cities, such as Ruwi and Matrah - their home. Treacherous mountain slopes separate Muscat from the hinterland – the name roughly translates to ‘falling place’.

    Oman is ruled by Sultan Qaboos, who has built the largest mosque in the world. Another popular draw for visitors to Oman is the Sultan’s Palace, as well as the two forts protecting the harbour. Muscat also offers a wide range of luxury hotels, opulent retail malls and pristine beaches, all easy to reach from the serviced luxury hotel apartments at Fraser Suites Muscat.

    Nearby places of Interest: 

    • Grand Mall: 800 metres away – 5 minutes by car/free shuttle
    • Oman Avenues Mall: 1.5km away – 8 minutes by car/free shuttle 
    • Panorama Mall: 700 metres away – 5 minutes by car/free shuttle
    • Royal Opera House: 2.5 km – 10 minutes by car
    • Sultan’s Palace: 5 km – 15 minutes by car
    • Mutrah Souq: 5.5 km – 16 minutes by car
    • Muscat Gate Museum: 5km – 15 minutes by car
    • Corniche: 5km – 15 minutes by car
    • National Museum: 7km – 18 minutes by car
    • Grand Mosque: 8km – 20 minutes by car
    • Supermarket: Carrefour (700 metres away) – 5 minutes by car
    • Coffee Shop: Empress Café (in the Shopping Arcade) 
    • Cooking & Craft shop (in the Shopping Arcade)
    • Panorama Mall: 700 metres away – 5 minutes by car/or by free shuttle
    • Mall of Oman (opening in 2020) – 500 metres away (3 minutes by car)
    • Golf
    • American School (10-minutes' drive)

    How to get here (Detailed directions to property by different modes of transportation e.g. Taxi, Train, Bus etc. Include distance and traveling time.)
    By Taxi

    By Taxi: Muscat International Airport is located 10 kms away from Fraser Suites Muscat, approx. 10-15 minutes away. Our Concierge will be more than happy to arrange an airport transfer from and to the airport

    Fraser Suites Muscat

    Landmark Building, 23rd July Street,
    P.O. Box 410, P.C. 133 Muscat,
    Sultanate of Oman.

    • Essential facts about the City


      Arabic is the official language, but English is also widely spoken in business.

      Time Difference – GMT +4 hours


      Required. Depending on nationalities, visa on arrival is available. Please check before travel (

      Currency – The Omani Rial (OMR) is the official currency
      - Shopping
      - VAT/GST – 17% VAT

      In restaurants, 10 to 15 percent when a service charge has not been added, otherwise five percent. Round up a taxi fare by a couple of rials.

      Business Hours

      Saturday to Wednesday: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, except Ramadhan, during which work starts at (9 am to 2 pm). Private sector official working hours from Saturday to Thursday (according to company policy, except the Banking sector, certain companies and the Capital Market).

      International dialing code: +968
      Emergency number: 9999
      Health – No compulsory immunisations are required to enter Oman.
      Vaccinations - No compulsory immunisations are required to enter Oman.
      Electricity: 240V, 50Hz. British-style three-point bladed plugs ('type G' plugs) and round two-pin plugs.
      Public Holidays (see below)
      Weekend: Friday – Saturday


      Tap water is desalinated, and although considered safe, drinking it is not recommended. Mineral water is commonly consumed in hotels, restaurants etc and be purchased in most grocery stores, petrol stations and supermarkets.


      Do not take photographs of people without asking, or you risk causing considerable offence - especially if taking photos of ladies without permission. In Arabic, “May I take you picture?” translates (roughly) as Mumkin sura, min fadlak? (to a man) or Mumkin sura, min fadlik? (to a woman). Men will probably be happy to oblige; women less so. Children of either gender will usually be delighted.


      Smoking is not permitted inside cafés, restaurants, bars, malls, offices and other public areas – although it’s usually permitted on the outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants.


      Arab and Islamic culture is dominant in Oman, which influences the general lifestyle; however, other cultural styles can be observed as Oman attracts diverse visitors. In markets and public places, men and women must wear clothing that is decent and respectful.

      Official holidays

      • Hijra New Year 1 day – 1st Moharrum
      • Prophet Birthday 1 day – 12th Rabi Al Awai
      • Isra & Meiraj 1 day – 27th Rajab
      • Eid Al Fitr 4 days – 1st-4th Shawal
      • Eid Al Adha 3 to 5 days-9th to 13th Al Hijjrah
      • National Day 2 days – 18th November